Demir Kapija

Demir Kapija is a municipality in the southcentral part of Republic of Macedonia. Demir Kapija is the name of the city/town where the municipal seat is found. Demir Kapija municipality is part of Vardar statistical/administrative region of Macedonia. The population of the Demir Kapija municipality is 4,545 of whom 3,275 live in the municipality center Demir Kapija, while the rest lives in the villages of the municipality.


Alsonémedi, the 930 years old large village is situated sothward, 25 km far from Budapest along the Main Road 50. This place easy to reach from the MM5 Motorway and from the MO Ring Road too.





Signing the agreement on cooperation between municipalities

The project will bring the two municipalities which will be exchanged, cultures, economies


European days in Alsonemedi

Impressions that were members of their visit alsonemedi


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